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Baby Otters Rescued After Being Kidnapped And Starved, Now Watch Them Enjoy A Tasty Meal! So CUTE!

The exotic pet trade is highly notorious among animal lovers – and for many, many good reasons. Baby animals are often forced into the unnatural habitat of a household pet, suffering emotionally and psychologically while surrounded by four walls. These baby otters are a lucky pair to be rescued out of their previous dilemma – look how sprite they are now!

Frank Cuesta, a television host and well-known animal lover, is the otters’ savior and foster father. He takes time to care for the otters daily, and attends to their needs as much as he could. The otters love him so – look how they follow him around, asking for a bite to eat!

Check the otters out below!

Thankfully, these otters are now in good hands!

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