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Baby Born With No Eyes Sits At Piano, His Next Move Has Dad Running For A Camera

Patrick John and Patricia Hughes were eager to begin their lives together and start a family, and the news that they were expecting a child was the beginning of their dreams realized. But they knew that their son would have to overcome many hurdles when little Patrick Henry was born without eyes and unable to walk.

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Little Patrick Henry was born with a condition that prevented his ligaments from stretching, so he could not straighten his arms or legs. He used artificial eyes from a very young age and used a wheelchair. But it wasn’t long before Patrick Henry discovered a gift that surpassed all his limitations – music.

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At the age of merely one year old, Patrick Henry’s mother would prop him up against their piano and play a tune for him. He would then repeat the sound perfectly without being taught how to, teaching himself where the keys for the right notes were. Before long, he was playing songs like You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and at the age of 2, he could take song requests.

Now, Patrick Henry is part of the marching band at his university, the University of Louisville, and he’s been doing very well for himself musically. His gift has given him the chance to meet new people, have a hobby he loves, and live life to its fullest. In his opinion, he doesn’t have disabilities, only abilities, and he knows he is not defined by his limitations.