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Baby Monkey Who Got Separated From His Mother Couldn’t Stop Crying. Then His Hero Shows Up

If you have children, you know it can be a scary thing to lose sight of them in a public place. Your heart races and you call out their name! They sheepishly reappear and apologize for running off. Most of the time you are so happy they are okay, that you just hug them and move on.

In this video, a tiny monkey has lost his mom. Once he realizes she is gone, he crouches down and begins to cry out for her! Even with all his other monkey friends there he is not happy. He wants his mom! This must have taken place at a zoo, you can hear people talking in the background. Just wait, his mom isn’t too far off, and she hears him cry.

Take a look at this video

When her baby sees her, the reaction is priceless! I bet he hangs on a little tighter to his mom for the next few days!

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