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Baby Is Sound Asleep, Then Dog Being Secretly Filmed, Does The Most Adorable Thing

Dogs and children add heart to a home. When you have both, you are in for a treat! Growing up, we always had dogs, and I have many (many) fond memories. My dogs never were as cute (or small) as the pup in this video though!

The dog, a miniature pinscher, is just about the same size as the baby, but, isn’t going to let her size get in the way of pampering and caring for her human friend! You can tell already that this child will have a lifelong canine buddy! How did the dog know how to use the blanket like that? Had it seen the human mom cover the baby in the past?

Take a look at this video!

Simply amazing! Dogs aren’t just animals, they are family members. My goodness, the dog certainly is willing to work to make sure the baby is completely covered! Well done! Share away, people!