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Motorist Lifts Baby Horse Over Fence To Its Mother After It Got Stuck

Who doesn’t love a good rescue story? This one comes to us from a – well a road out in the country.

The hero of our story was just driving down the road with his friends.

Suddenly, off in the distance, they saw a young horse on the side of the road. But wait. Why was a young horse all alone?

When they get closer, they can tell the baby horse is really scared and on the wrong side of the metal guardrail.

The friends all realize that the horse can’t get back over the guardrail and is desperate to get back to his mother, who is just on the other side.

But she is helpless to get her baby back.

The kind man gets out of the car and picks the baby horse up and lifts him over the barrier.

Take a look at this video

If you have ever wondered if animals have emotions – you saw the family reunion!

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