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Baby Horse Gets Upset When He Stops Petting Her. Her Revenge? I’m Still Laughing About It!

Temper tantrums are ugly displays of unhappiness. Most of the time, when you think of someone who is having a temper tantrum, it is a spoiled child – right?! They didn’t get what they wanted, so they are going to ‘pitch a fit!’ Sometimes, a pet may have a tantrum if they are not getting the attention they believe they are entitled to!

Take the little filly in this video. She is enjoying a nice rump scratch and then it stops. No one asked for permission to stop the petting, and so the horse does what she can to get the petting to start back up again. Watch and see what she does to express her displeasure!

Take a look at this video

She chases after her owner and insists that he continue! She backs right up to him, again and again, looking for more love. He is enjoying this game… she is not!

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