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Baby Elephants Who Are Too Scared To Sleep, Find Peace When They Meet An Unlikely Friend

Did your mother sing lullabies to you when you were little? Did she hum a tune while she worked? I don’t remember if my mom sang lullabies, but she did do a lot of singing and humming! You know what is funny, I find myself doing a lot of that too! Music is a powerful force that can elicit emotions like, joy, anger, sorrow, and sometimes, music can even help you unwind and relax.

The two baby elephants in this video recently lost their mother, and they are upset. They were both having trouble falling to sleep even though they were completely exhausted. Their caregiver, Lek, could tell that they needed a little extra TLC. Taking care of such young elephants is much more than making sure they have enough food and water. Lek started to treat them as if they were her children – she sang to them! It doesn’t take too long before both babies are fast asleep!

Take a look at this video

It could be that just the calm, soothing music was enough to help them relax, or the loving pets they both got from Lek. Elephants are capable of deep emotion and really do bond with the other members of their herd.

We don’t know what happened to the mother elephant, but losing her had to have been devastating for these babies. It is clear that these two elephants are very lucky to have such a caring person watching out for them! Share away, people.