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This Is What The First Stage Of Crush Training Looks Like And It Will Break Your Heart

This is what the first stage of training crush looks like. It is a cruel practice used to crush the animals spirit literally. Why does this happen? So that the elephants can be used to give rides to tourists or do hard labor. Not only that, but the baby elephants are taken away from their mothers before they are ready. A tourist in Thailand captured the young elephant on video.

You can see the chain is very short and the poor elephant has worn a path around the tree from walking around and around in circles. According to the Wildlife At Risk International (WAR), the second stage of crush will be inflicting unnecessary pain. They may also cage the elephant, so it barely has room to move, starve it, and beat it.

Take a look at this video

Do not go to the circus or ride on ‘wild’ animals. They are not tame because they want to be – they are tame because they have been broken.