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Police Find Baby Dumped In Trash, Covered In Ants — Then Make 2nd Disturbing Discovery

In Houston, Texas Sidney Woytasczyk sat quietly during her court hearing on August 14. Woytasczyk was charged with second-degree abandoning a child resulting in serious bodily injury.

The 21-year-old had admitted to police that she had given birth to a baby, and then abandoned her shortly after!

mom dumped baby

Image Credit: Facebook

One of Woytasczyk’s neighbors found the infant lying on the ground covered in ants.

Apparently, Woytasczyk didn’t know she was pregnant (did she think her period went on vacation?!) and then panicked after she gave birth.

mom dumped baby

Image Credit: Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Woytasczyk didn’t want the child to cause any problems between her and her boyfriend. The authorities believe that she actually tried to hide her pregnancy from her boyfriend.

Dan-Phi Nguyen, Harris County Attorney’s Office spokesman, said the infant was exposed, unprotected, and on the brink of death when she was found.

mom dumped baby

Image Credit: John Baldwin

Deandre Skillern claims to be the child’s father, but the results of the DNA test were not disclosed. Skillern is seeking custody – and at this point, he will probably be a better parent than Woytasczyk!

Many people were outraged when they heard this story – and rightfully so!

mom dumped baby

Image Credit: Facebook

If Woytasczyk had just told her boyfriend about the child, they could have decided what to do together. Just because you aren’t ready to be a mother, doesn’t mean you leave the baby to die.

Protected sex is an excellent way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. There are even safe havens and social services organizations that would have happily taken the child.

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