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Baby Deer Squeezes Through Fence Gap Everyday, And Cools Off In A Swimming Pool

In a YouTube video uploaded and dated 14 June 2017, a woman named Brittney Benincasa from Freehold, New Jersey shared an unexpected happening – and it involves a baby fawn! Brittney came home one day and found the young fawn sunbathing in her yard. Initially, she phoned animal control and even opened the gates for the young deer as she thought it had fallen in by mistake.

However, she was wrong – the fawn came into her yard and used her pool on purpose! It was really hot, and the animal simply made use of a human pool to cool itself off! The fawn visited frequently, and it soon became a common sight to see for Brittney’s family. They even named the fawn Bambi, inspired by the Disney character of the same name and animal species!

Watch this video:

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