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Baby Who Won’t Stop Crying Gets Tickled By Boxer Who Rushes To Comfort Him! (Video)

Dog and kids. Kids and dogs. Just having one makes your life fuller – having both is a blessing! They love to run and play (and get into trouble together!) Katie Wahrhaftig is blessed, she has a 9-month-old human baby, Graham, and a canine baby, Jeeves. Jeeves was adopted when Katie was 5 months pregnant.

Jeeves has been a loving and faithful companion to both Katie and Graham. In the video, we see and hear Graham cry – but don’t worry Jeeves has this covered! Jeeves was trained to help when Graham gets upset. A little tickle does the trick! Boom! Graham is okay again! The fun doesn’t stop there! Jeeves seems to be enjoying himself and keeps on tickling!

Take a look at this video

There is nothing better than hearing a happy baby laugh.

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