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37-Week-Old Baby Born Without Skin Gets Life-Saving Treatment

On the 24th of May, Friday, a little baby underwent major surgery after he was born without skin at 37 weeks.

Little Ja’bari was born without skin on his body and his eyes were also sealed shut when his mother was induced and prepped for an emergency c-section at 37 weeks.

The doctors prepped the little one for a major surgery where they attempted to cover parts of his body with skin grown in the lab from the infant’s cells.

The couple, who were obviously devastated that their little man had a major surgery coming up, requested everyone to pray for him, hoping everything would turn out perfectly for their little man.

Ja’bari parents, Priscilla Maldonado Gray and Marvin Gray, had no idea their little man would be born without skin as they were, like other expecting couples, wishing for a normal and healthy pregnancy.

However, when Ja’bari was born, the entire room of doctors and nurses fell silent.

Nevertheless, the now 5-month old, who was born without skin from the neck down will soon grow into his own skin, which was grown in the lab using his own cells.

As soon as Ja’bari was born, a biopsy of his skin was sent to the Vericel Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where it was given a chance to grow and divide, ready to be placed on the little boy.

On Friday the 24th of May, Ja’bari underwent major surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital.

A team of specialized plastic surgeons placed the fragile skin grafts on Ja’bari’s exposed body parts, hoping that his skin would close the wounds in due time.

While Ja’bari’s surgery is complete, the journey is far from over.

He remains in critical condition in the hospital and would require continued care until he completely recovers from the major procedure.

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