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The Reason Why Almost All Moms Carry Their Babies On Their Left Is Fascinating!

Animals and people have natural instincts. We just know how to do things – we do things that we were never actually taught to do. They say maternal instincts are primitive; which means that the maternal instincts women have today have been the same since the first humans walked the earth.

babies and mom

Image Credit: Flickr / Ray Dumas

Obviously, the things women worried about in the 1800s are very different than what we worry about today. But being a loving and protective mom has never changed. Ever wonder why most moms carry their babies on their left?

babies and mom

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It isn’t always because the other arm is tired or hurt – there is a scientific reason. It is an automatic reflex – 70-85% of all moms will pick up their child and put them on their left side.