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Audience Member Steals Merch On Hidden Camera, But Ellen Waits Til Show To Teach Her A Lesson

Stealing is wrong. We all probably learned that lesson from our parents. But sometimes, it is just so tempting that the most rational people end up doing something they live to regret. Ellen DeGeneres set up a hidden camera in her gift shop. There are keychains, jackets, hats, mugs, and a sign that read “Only take one item per person.”

It was a social experiment that no one knew about! Many people took only one item, but some of Ellen’s guests were caught red-handed – BUSTED! One woman named Nancy stood out though, she took way more than anyone else and was totally humiliated when she got caught. The ‘punishment’ Ellen gave out is something that you just have to see to believe! Watch the video.

Take a look at this video

It is a lesson in honesty – something we probably all need a refresher course in now and again.

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