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67-Year-Old Grandma Gets Severely Mauled By Two Pit Bulls In A Parking Lot

In August of 2015, Donna Berto was attacked by two pit bulls. She suffered horrible injuries but survived the attack. It was probably the longest thirty seconds of Donna’s life. Donna was just outside a convenience store when the attack happened, and the entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

Store employees wasted no time in trying to help. One employee fired his gun into the air to startle to dogs. The dogs ran off but were later captured and taken to an animal shelter. The dog’s owner is now in hot water because of the damage his dogs have done. Donna is one lucky woman that there were so many people around to help her when the dogs attacked.

Take a look at this video

Whoever that owner is, the actions of his dogs say a lot about him. Dogs are only aggressive like that when they are trained to be. Share away, people.