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Little Boy Secretly Writes A Letter To Santa. When Mom Read It She Couldn’t Stop Crying

Did you ever write a letter to Santa when you were younger? Like most children you probably asked for toys. You may have even told Santa how good you were just as a reminder! Eventually, we all stopped writing letters to Santa. But one 12-year-old still believes, and he wrote to Santa.

He didn’t ask for toys, and he didn’t remind Santa that he had been good all year. Arnulfo Guerra Jr. asked Santa to help his mom. She has TGA or transposition of the great arteries, which is a rare heart defect. In his letter, Arnulfo asked Santa for a miracle. He said he and his dad pray for his mom all the time. All Arnulfo wants this year is for his mom to be healthy.

Take a look at this video

The letter was given to a social worker who gave it to the Channelview Fire Department. You know the rest 🙂 Share away, people!