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Woman Sits Outside In Bitter Cold To Gain Dog’s Trust. Moments Later Everyone Witnessed A Miracle

Beaten, abused, or neglected Arnie the dog didn’t trust anyone. Why should he? Arnie was found outside a gas station in Athens, Greece. A volunteer saw him and wanted to rescue him from his sad existence. One cold night, two volunteers from The Orphan Pet’s two found Arnie. Arnie was wary and didn’t want their help. Slowly, she approached him.

But Arnie wasn’t going to fall for that trick. Maybe it was too much pressure for the lonely, homeless dog. The woman asked for everyone to leave her and Arnie alone for a little while. She sat there with him for just over an hour. She didn’t try to approach him, she let him decide if he wanted to get closer or not. Eventually, Arnie was taken to get medical help!

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