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Army Veteran Saves Eagle Hanging In Tree When No One Else Would

In Minnesota, Jason Galvin and some of his neighbors saw a bald eagle hanging upside down in a tree! The bird had gotten one of its talons wrapped in a piece of rope, and it couldn’t get free. Oh, did we mention that the bird was 70 feet up in the air?!

Jason, a veteran, called the police, fire department, and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) but none of them were able to help. So, like a true hero, Jason decided to save the bird himself! The DNR gave Jason permission to try and shoot at the rope and tree branches with his .22 long rifle.

Watch the video!

It took 90 minutes and 150 rounds, but Jason was finally able to chip off enough of the rope and tree that the bird was free! It is amazing that Jason didn’t accidentally hit the bird with that gun! Share away, people.