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Take Your Daily Apple Cider Vinegar Shot From These DIY Gummies

If you’re wondering what to snack on after you’ve just had your dinner, apple cider vinegar probably isn’t your first choice.

And that’s not surprising – how should you be expected to enjoy something that feels so sour and unpleasant?

But there are so many health benefits to ACV that it’s really hard to miss up on!

And with this great recipe for ACV jellies, you’ll never want to have another candy ever again!

But hang on, what’s so great about ACV you might ask? Well, a few things:

  • It helps you lose weight
    We know that weight loss can be such an unforgiving journey! But thanks to its antioxidant ingredients, apple cider vinegar can get rid of that belly fat for you and really help you tone your muscles.
  • Lowers cholesterol
    Maybe you’ve already kicked eggs out of your diet but your doctor still says your cholesterol levels are too high. That’s easily remedied with some ACV in your life!
  • Digestion improves
    Better digestion connects immediately with easier weight loss and ACV’s antioxidant qualities make it a great aid to a healthier digestive system!
  • Fights diabetes
    Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases in America today but apple cider vinegar is known to reduce blood sugar and make the danger of diabetes go away!

But there’s another key ingredient in the jelly recipe that’s really good for you – grass-fed gelatin.

You might not know this, but gelatin is actually incredibly healthy for you.

It is a great relief for bone, joint and muscle pain, as it’s been known to help arthritis and osteporosis sufferers.

It helps your skin look younger, because it protects it against the UV light damage that cause wrinkles and horrible acne.

It helps you sleep, because even just 3 grams of gelatin can make for an easier night’s sleep.

Those are a lot of benefits that you’ve probably never heard of – so imagine what happens when you combine the super healthy ACV with the even healthier gelatin – a real powerhouse of healthiness!

That’s where the ACV jellies come in – and with a bit of effort, they’re not going to taste sour at all.

Your ingredients for the recipe are:

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 1/2 cups apple juice (organic is best!)
  • 5 tablespoons of gelatin powder.

Feel free to change the quantities proportionately to make more jellies – this makes about 24 pieces.

We recommend the apple juice because it does a great job at masking the apple cider vinegar’s sour taste!

Combine the juice, vinegar and water and stir them until well blended.

Then add the gelatin and stir on a low heat for about five minutes – when the gelatin dissolves, pour the mixture into ice cube trays, chill for an hour and then enjoy your healthy snack!

Make sure to share this recipe with all your friends who might need a healthy boost – and tell them that it’s tasty as well as good for you, too!