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Everyone Gets Annoyed With Telemarketers. But This Man’s Conversion With One Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Telemarketing may be a somewhat necessary part of businesses, but that doesn’t mean we’re not endlessly annoyed by them! After all, who wants to have to spend minutes upon minutes turning down sales offers when you have so much to do?

So when Mr. Byron got a call from AT&T in the middle of eating dinner, he was understandably a little annoyed. Then, he came up with a brilliant idea: he would attempt to out-irritate the telemarketer calling him so that he, for once, could have the upper hand!

Every time the telemarketer introduced himself and said he was from AT&T, Mr. Byron would ask them again and again who they were, with questions like “Is this AT&T?” or “Who’s calling again?”

When they finally got through that, the telemarketer started describing a new scheme that would give Mr. Byron a rate of 10 cents per minute, 24/7, all year round – and Mr. Byron lapped it right up, then asked when they would be giving him all that money. When the telemarketer quickly backtracked to say he would be the one paying, Mr. Byron began acting outraged and asked to speak to the supervisor.

After plenty more of these shenanigans, Mr. Byron asked one final question: whether AT&T was still offering their “Friends and Family” plan, because he was an only child and really wanted a sibling. That’s when the telemarketers gave up and hung up!

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How rare is it that you can get a telemarketer to willingly hang up on you before you’ve told them to? Hardly ever! I’m sure Mr. Byron got a kick out of his evening after that!