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Animal Charity Released Disturbing Video To Show How Animals Are Abused At Zoo

Zoos catch a lot of press about the animals in their care. Many zoos are reputable and work hard to give the animals a rich and natural life. But, not all zoos have the time, money, or heart. The video clip below was released by a Canadian animal law charity and is shows horrifying abuse of the animals at a zoo located in Ontario. The National Observer says the video was released last week and was filmed at Papanack Zoo over a year ago!

The employee featured is abusing the animal, and you can also see the terrible living conditions. The poor animals at the zoo live in tiny enclosures and have no room to roam. Papanack Zoo is doing this for the money – they don’t care at all about the animals. Why else would they rip babies away from their mothers before they have weaned?!

Take a look at this video

We should all boycott roadside zoos, maybe then they will be forced to go out of business. No animal deserves this – the animals should be left to live life in the wild, not penned up for people to come look at. Of course, the Papanack Zoo website says they are dedicated to providing caring, comfortable, and safe living environments for the animals.

But the video shows a different mission statement altogether. There are protests scheduled! People in the area are not going to let this abuse and mistreatment continue! Please don’t go to roadside zoos – ever. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]