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Woman Is About To Leave Her Dog In A Shelter, Until She Saw What Is Going On

We all love a good prank – unless it is being played on you! The poor woman in this video has apparently found a lost dog. She took the dog to an animal shelter to drop it off. When she gets there, she gets a shock. There are people dressed in animal costumes that appear to ‘work’ at the shelter.

When she walks outside, she sees people in the dog runs and more people in costumes. The prank is the work of Rémi Gaillard. It brings light to the issue that dogs and cats are not just ‘things.’ They are living beings that deserve our respect. Abandoning an animal on the side of the road or in the middle of nowhere is cruel.

Take a look at this video

Before you adopt, be sure you realize that owning an animal is a commitment. You shouldn’t just give them up when things are too hard. Share away, people.