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Only 1% Of The People Manage To See The Animal In This Picture, Are You One Of Them?

There are some tests that you’ll find on the internet that claim to determine your intelligence if you’re able to decipher an image or a set of images.

The designers of one image claim that only 1 percent of people who see it can find an animal.

The background of the picture is black and white stripes. However, these stripes appear to shift when you look at the image.

It still seems as though it would be easy to find an animal hiding somewhere between the stripes.

Several people have tried to locate the animal and have failed. They only see it after focusing their eyes.

After a few minutes, it becomes clear to many of the people who had trouble previously seeing it between the lines.

There is a reason as to why only a small percentage of people can see the animal. The image is an optical illusion.

It takes a carefully trained eye to be able to decipher most optical illusions because of the way they are detailed.

Some people are able to clearly see the animal right away. Others are never able to find it hiding.

There are also some who can see the animal but only after rotating the image and focusing their eyes.

Once you’re able to slowly close in on the picture, it’s easy to see.