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Angry Pedestrian Gets Dose Of Instant Karma (Video)

There are times we do something we instantly regret, but sometimes we don’t until it goes viral. This is exactly what happened to one angry pedestrian who thought it was okay to show some disrespect to people who had done nothing to him. YouTuber ChrisSmithOne77 approached an intersection when suddenly an old man and his dog were crossing the road.

The driver stops and waits for them to pass, but looks like the angry pedestrian is offended! He starts gesturing at the driver as if trying to tell him that he should have stopped further back and not too close to him and his dog. He finally gets instant karma as soon as makes a very rude gesture!

Take a look at this video

The driver wasn’t at fault as he had stopped way before the lines of the crosswalks, but oh well. The games Mother Nature plays are unimaginable anyway!

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