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Camel Bites Off Its Owner’s Head After It Was Made To Stand In The Heat All Day

Humans use animals for many things. We use them on farms to help us work. They can be used as service animals, entertainment, or for transportation. Not all people treat the animals in their care properly. Camels are to carry people and heavy loads. They are used in hot climates because they are able to handle the heat.

In Rajasthan State, India a mean camel owner named Urjaram was having a get together at his home. At some point, he realized he forgot to untie his camel to allow his camel to rest. When Urjaram approached the camel, he was grabbed by the neck, lifted into the air, and thrown to the ground.

This is just a representational image

camel bites off head

Image Credit: Pixabay

Urjaram’s head was severed. The camel had reportedly attacked Urjaram before. Please keep in mind that all animals are dangerous. Even a pet in your home can lash out – use caution! Share away, people.