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Domino’s Delivery Woman Changes Life Of Poor Man Living In Rundown Trailer

Staff with different retail and food companies get to know their regular customers quite a bit over the years.

For Angela Nguyen, who works with Domino’s as a pizza delivery driver, one of the customers whose name she’s learned to recognize is Lee Haase.

In their small Anoka County neighborhood, Lee has ordered a pizza every single Saturday.

But one day, when Angela’s daughter – also a pizza delivery driver – came by the deliver a pizza to Lee, she found he was living in deplorable conditions.

A storm had destroyed most of the roof of his original home, and shortly after, he had lost his son to a snowmobile accident.

Heartbroken and unable to provide for himself, he moved into a tiny camper measuring just 12 feet with no heater, no electricity, and no plumbing.

Image Credit: YouTube

Angela’s daughter told her mother about what she saw and Angela knew they could not just stand by and let Lee suffer like that.

First, she purchased a heater for Lee so he would be warm, and then she took to the Internet to launch a GoFundMe page to raise funds for him.

Soon, donations were rushing in, not just from the county but all over the country.

Image Credit: YouTube

The page raised a whopping $32,000 in donations, enough to buy Lee a brand new trailer home, fully furnished by the community from top to bottom and stocked with groceries and basic necessities.

This video captures Lee’s first time in his new home – just in time for Christmas – and his meetings with those who have been donating for his wellbeing!

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