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An Unmarked Wooden Box Was Sitting In The Airport For A Week Before Someone Opened It

No one knew what was inside the unmarked wooden box in an airport in Beirut, Lebanon. It was a small box with some holes in it and had no details of a receiver or sender.

When it was finally opened seven days later, what was within shocked everyone.

Covered in their own waste and infested with countless maggots lay three four-month-old Siberian tiger cubs, an endangered species.

They had been on their way from a zoo in Ukraine to a zoo in Syria when a delay had caused them to be stuck in Beirut.

Nothing on the box indicated that it contained live animals.

The cubs were in bad shape, barely able to stand due to not eating or drinking in a week, and they were covered in maggots.

Rescue group Animals Lebanon was able to appeal to a judge to have the cubs be released and be sent for treatment.

The mother of the cubs had given birth to nine other cubs, all who had been sold to undisclosed buyers.

These three were the last of her dozen and were clearly also being trafficked for profit.

The babies are now being cared for, receiving vaccinations and proper health check-ups, as well as some toys to play with a space to move around.

The Animals Lebanon group has also submitted a request for the confiscation of the animals so that they can be free and cared for.

There is no telling if this request will be approved; if not, the cubs may be sent back to Ukraine or forwards to Syria, their original destination.

All we can do now is hope and be glad that at least for now, the cubs are taken care of.

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