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Little Girl Is Called Up In Front Of The Whole School, Then Teacher Approaches Her In Tears

Here we go again, a child showing all us adults what it means to be a kind-hearted human being. A’Layah was a foster child, and things were not easy for her until she got adopted by the Robinson family. A’Layah was saving her money to buy herself a Barbie Jeep – that is when the tornado hit her neighbors home.

A’Layah, six-years-old, told her mom that she wanted to give all her money to her neighbors who had lost everything. How many adults would willingly give all their money to help someone else? She didn’t stop there. A’Layah started Lemonade for Love, and it helps raise money to support children in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Watch the video to meet this tiny superhero!

The money earned from the sale of beverages supplies children with blankets and toys. Visit A’Layah’s Facebook page to help. Share away, people.