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Instead Of Spending $11 Million Dollars On Daughter’s Wedding, Businessman Builds 90 Houses For The Homeless

A tycoon, Ajay Munot, in India celebrated his daughter’s wedding in an unusual way.

Instead of getting his daughter and her new husband a lavish new home or an expensive car. He built 90 homes for people who were homeless.

Munot, a wheat and cloth wholesaler, had set aside $11 million for his little girl’s wedding.

Imagine the celebration they could have had with that kind of money.

The newlyweds did not walk away empty-handed – they did get a new home, and they agreed with Munot’s decision to build homes for the homeless.

It is not every day you hear about a wealthy person helping those in need.

This was an enormous gesture that has people all over the world singing Munot’s praises!

Take a look at this video

If everyone gave just a little to others in need, imagine how much better our world would be. Donations of food and your time help too.

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