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Passengers Strap Down Drunk Guy Covered In Blood After He Punches The Seat In Front

The last thing you want to have during a flight is an out of control passenger – right?

Flying is stressful enough without someone making it unpleasant with inappropriate behavior.

Well, the following video shows just that – a drunken passenger covered in blood (don’t worry, it was his own blood) but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

The video shows the man shouting and punching the seat in front of him – blood is all over his pants and shirt.

The whole time, the woman next to him just sits there! The video shows a nervous mother and child and then pans back to the disturbed man.

This time, several passengers have him restrained.

Take a look at this video

They managed to tie his hands together with a seat belt!

The Russian airline crew says they were unable to calm him down and had to restrain him.

He was arrested on the tarmac when the plane landed.

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