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Airline Passenger Feels Sharp Pain In Leg Then Sees Tiny Hand Pulling His Hair

When you ride on an airplane, the majority of the people on the flight are complete strangers.

You have never seen them before and will most likely never see any of them ever again.

Airplanes are small, cramped, and often the flight is quite boring – right? One man was trying to sleep when he felt a sharp pain on his knee.

He woke up and saw a hand reaching behind the seat in front of him pulling the hair on his knee!

The whole thing was a little bizarre, so the man grabbed his camera to record it!

As it turns out, the boy had reportedly never seen a hairy leg before and was curious about it!

Take a look at this video

Happily, the man didn’t get upset and allowed the child to investigate! No harm done!

I am not sure how I would have reacted – but, then again, my knees aren’t hairy!

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