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Aggressive Dog Was Set To Be Euthanized But One Woman Begged To Give Him A Chance

Children are not born being hateful. Dogs are not born being fighters or aggressive. Those are learned behaviors. The dog in this video was set to be euthanized because he was aggressive and untrained – he was an alpha male living on the streets. Neither of those things was his fault, but he was going to be put down anyway.

Then one woman wanted a chance to see if she could help. She named him Cerberus, and she decided to used patience to train him. She earned his trust (which is something that needs to be earned and no human had ever given him a reason to trust). Eventually, she brought Cerberus into her own home.

Take a look at this video

She and her other dogs accepted him in, and they all now live peacefully. Not everyone would be this patient – or this successful. What an amazing story!

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