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Affectionate Flowerhorn Fish Likes To Be Petted Like A Dog (Video)

When you think of a pet that you can cuddle up or play with what do you think of? A cat or a dog? Maybe a guinea pig or a bird. How about a fish? Believe it or not, fish can be affectionate! If you don’t believe me, watch the man and his Flowerhorn fish interact! To get this level of affection from a Flowerhorn fish, you have to be the one feeding it.

The Flowerhorn isn’t likely to be this friendly with a complete stranger! The Flowerhorn fish is a popular aquarium fish, and they have a distinctive balloon-like head. But this beauty isn’t living in any aquarium! Wait until you see how the fish respond when the man picks him up and tosses him back into the water!

Take a look at this video!

It looks like he has his own outdoor pond! I love how he gets the fish to come to him by squirting the water!

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