Sometimes, children seem to know more than the adults around them.


When parents have a new baby and there’s already a child in the home, they often try to read books to get information about how to handle both children.

They also try to get advice from friends and family members who have multiple children at home. Unfortunately, not all children are the same.

There are some children who will sleep all night while others want to stay up with their parents.

Vegetables are appealing to some kids while other children have to be bribed so that they will eat a meal.

It seems like parents have everything to learn when they introduce a new baby to the family, but babies have to learn things as well.

The older child tends to show his parents what it’s going to be like having a child in the home.


Sometimes, parents are a bit tougher on the older child because they expect more.

There are also parents who will let the older child get away with doing more simply because the child is the only one in the home for at least a short time.

When parents add a second child in the mix, there are a few things that will change.

As soon as a new baby comes along, the older child might offer a few pieces of advice. The child knows what to expect and wants the baby to know how to deal with the parents.

A 4-year-old brother recently offered a few tidbits of information to his little brother as soon as his mother disappeared from the room.


The little boy talks about not eating green foods unless they are candy and that there are certain times when it’s best to talk to the grandparents instead of the parents.

He also talked about what to expect when it’s time to sleep and when parents mean business because of something that’s done wrong.

The big brother seems to know what his little brother might face in life, even if his little brother isn’t quite old enough to understand everything in just a few short months.