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How This Adorable Pup Reacted To His Surprise Birthday Party is Priceless!

There are different kinds of pet owners around the world. Some people do just the bare minimum to keep their pets alive. Other people make their pets the main focus of their lives. Some people take their dogs everywhere – to the store, on hikes, and even on vacations. Others will pamper their pets with gifts and toys and clothes.

They treat their dogs as if they were children! I don’t think I will ever be giving my dog a birthday party like Gatsby, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is getting in this video! Ryen Lung, Gatsby’s owner, is having a surprise birthday party for his Corgi. It is Gatsby’s third birthday, and Ryen has gone all out! Watch the video to see how Gatsby feels about all the hoopla!

Take a look at this video

It is safe to say all the humans and canines had a great time!

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