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Adorable Kitty With Squirrel’s Tail (Video)

The cutie you see in this ever so short 27-second video is named Bell. As you can see, she has a very squirrel-like tail (fluffy and curly)! Bell is a breed of cat known as Minuet or Napoleon. The fluffy tail, short legs, and round face are all key characteristics of the breed.

The breed was only recently recognized as an official domestic hybrid breed by The International Cat Association (TICA). According to TICA, the Minuet is an affectionate, gentle, and people oriented cat. You will see how much Bell wants attention in this video – she is begging for it!

Take a look at this video

Bell has a following of over 81.4k people on Instagram – so, if you want to see more, head on over and follow her yourself! Bell also has her own YouTube channel which you can the address for when you follow her on Instagram.

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