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Her Adopted Son Walked Up To A Stranger. Then She Posted A Heart-Wrenching Photo On Facebook

According to, there are about 428,000 children living in foster care. These children need loving families to take them in and raise them as their own. It isn’t easy to become an adoptive parent, but it is worth it. Just ask Charity and Brenton Robinson. They were lucky enough to adopt a young boy named Lincoln.

Lincoln has been through a lot in his young life and is typically nervous around new people. But when the family went to the rodeo recently, Lincoln surprised everyone. At the rodeo, there was a cowboy wearing a large cowboy hat.

Lincoln was fascinated with the man and approached him – he even struck up a conversation with him! The man, later identified as Jason Taylor, happily spoke to the youngster. Charity took photos and shared her story on social media.