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Abused 80-Year-Old Elephant Starts Crying When Man Plays The Piano For Her

Never waver from your inner longing to help animals because animals always remember kind acts. Creatures want to show their gratitude.

Read this true story about a person who wanted to help elephants.

Paul Barton, a British pianist and artist, loves animals. Barton made travel plans to visit Thailand in 1996.

But his plans changed after meeting a woman named Khwan, his future wife.

As an animal activist, Khwan’s love for animals captivated his heart. Her career as a wildlife artist resonated with his artistic nature.

Because of Khwan’s influence, Barton became a passionate animal activist. After learning of their plight caused by deforestation, Barton focused on helping elephants the elephants.

In a worldwide demand for Thailand’s teakwood, companies cut down teakwood trees. These businesses had no concerns for the forest’s animal inhabitants.

The decision affected elephants. Cutting the teakwood caused elephants to incur painful wounds and lose their homes.

To meet the supply and demand for teakwood, the workers used elephants as slaves.

Forced to transport heavy logs, the elephants experienced severe scratches caused by sharp branches.

Wounded and bleeding, the elephants gained sympathy from government officials. The government banned logging when performed for commercial purposes.

Injured and abandoned elephants became a major concern for several conservationists who built elephant sanctuaries.

Barton visited a sanctuary called Elephant World where he befriended the elephants.

He founded Music for Elephants, an organization in which Barton plays classical compositions for the elephants via his piano.

In the charming video found below, Barton plays “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy.

At Elephant World, the elephants enjoy listening to Barton’s music.

You can look at YouTube videos depict elephants swaying to the music, flapping their large ears and moving their trunks to the rhythmic melodies.

Study the video to view Amphan, an 80-year-old elephant, mesmerized by the enchanting music.

As you listen to the beautiful melody, notice one large teardrop emanating from Amphan’s eye.