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People Left Heartbroken After Opening Doors Of An Abandoned Truck On Hot Day

All these cages were crammed onto that yellow truck in Fresno County, California.

It was a hot day too, and those cages were not empty.

Residents actually started to smell something bad coming from the truck that had been abandoned on the side of the road, and they called for help.

The Fresno Humane Animal Services (FHAS) team arrived and opened the truck and found all the bird cages crammed inside.

There were not only birds, but guinea pigs, chickens, three pigs, and ducklings inside the truck.

The temperature in the truck was a stifling 107 degrees, and there was no ventilation.

A total of 955 animals survived this ordeal, but 18 animals perished.

All of the rescued animals were taken to safety and given food and water.

Authorities believe the truck was going to a public sale (aka a flea market), but no one is quite sure why it was just left on the side of the road.

Happily, the rescued animals are all in good health and are resting comfortably at the shelter.

Local residents are helping the shelter deal with the sudden influx of animals by providing food and money.

One person even sent in 250 small bird toys, so the birds have some entertainment too!

Brenda Mitchell, the board president of FHAS, said that most of the birds had probably never seen a toy before.

Mitchell says this incident brings awareness to how/where people get their pets. We should all adopt pets, not buy them from pet stores.

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