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Poor Abandoned Puppy Finds Love And Warmth In The Wings Of An Unlikely Friend

Here’s one of the most heartwarming “Mother Goose” stories ever to be told.

The biggest difference between this story and the popular rhymes and tales created in the 17th century is that this story is true.

A person walking by chanced upon the sight of a goose nurturing a puppy under her wings.

goose dog

This pup, just a few hours old, and apparently abandoned by its mother, was frightened and shivering.

The pup surely would have died in the freezing cold temperatures without the warmth and protection the goose provided.

The man who first spotted the scene thought at first that the goose and pup were in a fight.

However, taking a closer look, it was clear that the goose was protecting the pup under her wings from the effects of the cold winter day.

goose dog

With her beak, it seemed she was lovingly stroking the puppy to calm and reassure it that all would be fine.

This amazing scene has already gone viral on the Web.

People love animal stories, and when such loving acts of kindness cross species, their interest becomes even more intense.

Actually, it isn’t unlikely for geese and dogs to become friends, yet this is still amazing.