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Maggot-Infested Pony Left For Dead In A Field By Heartless Owner

Wild horses are beautiful creatures.

They run with a grace that astounds!

Their flowing manes and glistening coats are too beautiful to describe.

But, sometimes, those images are just the ones we see in the movies.

Not all wild horses can run around in grassy fields – some of them actually struggle to survive, and their coats are far from glossy, and their manes could be a tangled mess.

Take a gander at this pitiful creature.

His name is Buggy, and he is a black and white pony who was in a world of hurt.

One day, Chloe Atkins saw Buggy off in the distance and immediately called Sarah Tucker who works with World Horse Welfare.

By the time Sarah arrived, Buggy was barely able to stand – he was being eaten alive!

Maggots infested is skin and coat!

World Horse Welfare is dedicated to helping horses both in the UK and around the world and Buggy was certainly in need of help!

You can watch the video below but be warned, some of the images you will see are quite graphic.

Some viewers may find the images disturbing.

So, watch with care!

Take a look at this video

Thankfully Buggy was rescued in time!

At the time the video was made, it was expected that Buggy would make a full recovery!

Maybe by now, his coat is glistening, and his mane flows in the breeze as Buggy runs in a grassy field!

Don’t you just love a happy ending?!

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