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Abandoned Baby Pony Misses Mom So Much That He Uses A Stuffed Bear As His Surrogate

If you’ve never seen a baby horse cuddling up to a giant teddy bear, then let me tell you that you’re really missing out!

Luckily, we’re about to fix that today thanks to this precious video. Breeze was a foal found on his own by farmers at just a few hours old.

He was spotted suckling on their mares, and it’s unknown what happened to his mother or why he was there.

He was taken in by the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, and as soon as staff arrived, the poor pony had collapsed due to dehydration and was in a state of shock.

The baby horse had been missing out on the cholesterol and antibodies that he would have received from his mother.

So, the sanctuary came up with a unique and adorable solution.

Take a look at this video

As a result, he’s become a lot more cheerful and has been able to get much needed shut eye. Too cute!

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