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92-Year-Old Widower Builds Pool For Neighborhood Kids So He Won’t Be So Lonely

A 94-year-old retired district court judge called Keith Davison sadly lost his wife of 66 years in April 2016. His home and life were empty without her and loneliness was creeping in. Davison knew he had to do something to help fight back the sadness and depression – so he had a swimming pool built in his yard!

Not that he had plans to host adult swimming parties or swim in it himself – he lets the neighborhood kids swim and splash in the pool! Needless to say, Davison isn’t lonely anymore! The pool he built was 32-feet long and 9-feet deep! The only rule Davison has for the kids is that one adult needs to accompany each group of children.

Watch the video to see the full story!

Sounds like a good rule to me! This was an incredibly generous gift Davison gave to his neighborhood. Share away, people!