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911 Operator Left Speechless After Hearing Woman Scream On Phone. Then Receives Chilling Message

After only eight months as a 911 operator, Amanda Berlin became a hero.

It was April 2016, when the call came in, Amanda could hear a man and a woman arguing, then the woman screamed, and the call ended.

The call was from a cell phone and was too short to be traced. Amanda knew the woman was in serious trouble and tried to call the phone number back to no avail.

A new program called Smart911 had just been put into place.

With Smart911, dispatchers can send text messages to people in need. Amanda did just that and got a request for help back!

The woman was alive but in danger. Amanda got the address and was able to send help!

Take a look at this video

Smart911 also lets people register their number with information that may help police like the floor plan, the number of children and people who live in the home.

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