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Husband ‘Loses Sight’ During Man Flu Episode And His Wife’s Post Proves She’s Over It

With the presence of autumn once more is yet another round of the annual flu season.

Due to just how fast the virus is capable of mutating, in addition to the increase of people who are opting out of vaccinating, there are plenty of people falling sick.

It is possible that you might be reading this in bed right now, having caught the flu bug yourself!

When it comes to being sick, you would assume that one’s physical health prior to falling ill is the biggest indicator of how well you would react to the illness.

In reality, that isn’t quite so.

Just about anyone will react differently to all sorts of diseases.

For example, some people may handle fevers better than others, even after taking into account the severity of the illness, the strength of the immune system of the patient, and their general health.

However, the way that some people handle being sick can be pretty extreme.

In the case of Sydney’s husband, he clearly handles falling sick very badly!

At the time, the whole family had fallen ill with the flu.

On top of that, Sydney was not only caring for their 6-month-old toddler, Cora, she was also 6-weeks-pregnant.

From the moment she woke up, she found herself throwing up constantly.

It was only later that she realised she was truly ill, rather than dealing with morning sickness of sorts.

You would have assumed that the fact that she was down with the flu would mean she ought to take it easy for a bit, especially since she was bearing a child.

However, as it turns out, she was the one who had to take care of her husband.

The man had fallen sick on the same day she had, and unfortunately for poor Sydney, he is a major drama queen.

That evening she found him stumbling around in the kitchen, moaning and groaning about how he felt like puking.

At first, Sydney tried to be calm and sympathetic.

She reassured her husband that he was going to be fine, and suggested that he head on down to the toilet if he were to throw up.

Sadly, this did not calm her husband down.

Instead, he ended up barfing as loudly as he could into the kitchen sink, as if he was trying to inform the whole world and their next door neighbours that he was incredibly sick.

Eventually he made it into the bathroom, but before Sydney could breathe a sigh of relief, he decided to throw up in the bathtub instead of the toilet bowl.

Her husband then proceeded to lay down on the floor.

With his eyes closed, he moaned that he was unable to see anything.

By this point, it was evident that while he may indeed be experiencing the flu, he was certainly making it appear far worse than it likely actually was.

Sydney was understandably annoyed by her husband’s behavior and had to tell him to pull himself together.

Instead of recognising just how silly he had become, however, he feigned unresponsiveness and whispered to her to call 911!

Clearly, Sydney is going to have her hands full dealing with her husband… we wish her the best of luck!