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9 Cops Sit Down In Her Section At Red Robin, Then Waitress Realizes Something Is VERY Wrong…

What do you like to do after a long, hard day? Go out or hibernate? After a long day at work, many of us like to go out to dinner to relax and unwind. We may stop off at a restaurant with some of our co-workers and have a nice dinner. Sometimes we can get away at lunchtime to get away from the hectic day.

It also gives us the opportunity to relax and commiserate. Nine police officers took a moment to grab a bite to eat at a local Red Robin in Gemini Place, North Columbus.

Their waitress, Jessica Dunbar, was familiar with police since her father was a retired police officer. Dunbar could tell by the way they were acting that something wasn’t quite right.

She started to talk with them and found out that they were not on a break. The officers had just been to a funeral for one of their own, Steven Smith.

red robin waitress

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Smith had been shot and killed during a standoff. Smith had left behind his wife and children. Can you imagine? I am not sure how I would have reacted to learn that these officers had just laid to rest a friend.