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89-Year-Old Grandad Always Falls Out Of Bed, Family Is Shocked When Hidden Camera Reveals Nasty Truth

One patient named 89-year-old Georges Karam suffers from Alzheimer’s disease – and he resides in a long-term residential area located in Ottawa, Canada. His family needed help with him, as he couldn’t even dress himself. But all good news came to an end when Georges’s body started to sustain multiple bruises and wounds.

When his grandson, Daniel Nassrallah, asked about the bruises, staff had always told him that Georges had a habit of fallen out of his bed. Daniel however, remained skeptical thus he decided to catch the staff in action – via CCTVs. Shocking footage showed that a 44-year-old caretaker named Jie Xiao often bound Georges’s arms and legs together, rendering him defenseless.

Image Credit: Inside Edition / YouTube

So that’s how Georges got his wounds! The management of the long-term residence issued an apology in response to the complaint lodged against one of their staff.

Image Credit: Inside Edition / YouTube

Jie Xiao has been fired after this incident was reported – served him right. Beware of who you entrust your loved ones to, people.

Image Credit: Inside Edition / YouTube

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