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88-Year-Old Walmart Greeter Fired After What He Let Enter The Store

Bob Tallinger, a 88-year-old Walmart greeter made headlines when he was fired by his managers over a wild stray turkey which entered the shop outlet he was previously stationed at.

It was the Walmart outlet located in Waukesha, Wisconsin – where he worked there for almost 8 years until he was fired.

Back on March 27, the reason Bob was fired was because he failed to react fast when the wild bird popped in.

In the end, the Humane Animal Welfare Society had to be called in.

The management claimed that Bob should have ‘helped’ the turkey get out of Walmart before it disrupted customers’ shopping experiences – but no one reported a negative experience on that day.

Bob’s wife Janet, claims that the management was ridiculous, as it was not her husband’s job to handle wild animals – he was just a store greeter!

Check out the video below!

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