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Vet Refuses To Euthanize 8 Healthy Puppies So Woman Stuffs Them In The Freezer

Margaret Peacock is an award-winning Border Collie breeder. She is also a heartless woman.

One of her dogs had eight healthy puppies. Margaret, 63, wanted them euthanized.

The veterinarian refused (good for him!).

So, to get rid of the puppies, Margaret went home and stuffed them into the freezer!

puppies in freezer

Image Credit: RSPCA / Solent News

The day after, she took all the puppies to the vet. Only one was still alive, but it was humanely euthanized.

An RSPCA inspection at her home found one puppy that had been killed by a blow to the head.

In her defense, Margaret said she was mad at the dog who had given birth to the puppies. Talk about a lame excuse!

puppies in freezer

Image Credit: Change

Despite this incident, Margaret will be allowed to continue breeding dogs.

She was given two concurrent 12-week jail terms and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine. Talk about injustice.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]