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79-Year-Old Called 911 After Starving For 2 Days, Cops Looked Into His Fridge & Sprang Into Action

One night in the quiet neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, Tennessee a year back, an elderly man made a distressed phone call to the local police department. Turns out that the caller, a 79-year-old man had not eaten in two days.When the police got to his apartment, the poor man told them that his previous caretaker had stolen his debit card, robbing him

Then, the four police officers decided to do something amazing – they headed down to the nearest grocery store to purchase food for the man, at no cost! With a total of $160, they were able to purchase at least a month’s worth of food for him. But that was not all the four did – together, they organized a canned food drive for him, and even arrested his ex-caretaker! What a story!

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Image Credit: Shareably

If not for the cops, this man would have continued to starve..

Image Credit: Shareably

Kindness truly goes a long way!

Image Credit: Shareably

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